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Flow measurement characteristics in the power industry

     When it comes to the power industry, it is associated with large boilers and high-temperature and high-pressure steam in thermal power plants. It is thought that the large-diameter pipe network of thermal power plants supplies steam to various users. Therefore, the measurement of steam flow in the thermal power and thermoelectric industries is large.According to its use and characteristics, it can be roughly divided into flow measurement related to power generation and flow measurement in heating network.
    (1)Steam measurement related to power generation
This type of flow measurement is characterized by high fluid temperatures and high pressures. Even for small units of several megawatts, its steam temperature is as high as 420 °C.Although new flow meters are often introduced, most flow meters cannot withstand such harsh operating conditions.Currently, the throttling differential pressure flow meter is suitable for this environment.
   (2)Steam flow measurement in heating network
The flow meter used in the heating network of the thermal power plant, because the temperature and pressure of the fluid are greatly reduced, the space that can be selected is greatly expanded. However, due to the tradition of instrument selection in the power plant, most objects still use the throttling differential pressure flow meter.Part of the selection of vortex flow meter.