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The difference between vortex flow meter and vortex flow meter

Although these two flow meter are the use of fluid oscillation principle of the flow meter, but the meter used two different working principle.
Flow meter using the Kaman Whirlpool principle: When passing through a columnar object, the vortex will be generated on both sides of the object back to the fluid. When one side of the whirlpool develops, it will suppress the vortex on the other side. When the side swirl develops to To a certain extent from the column object with the fluid away and in situ to produce a new whirlpool, while the other side of the whirlpool due to loss of depression and development, and suppress the nascent vortex, the process alternately on both sides of the column, the occurrence of The frequency is related to the flow rate of the fluid, and the velocity is detected by this frequency, and the flow rate is obtained. This phenomenon is also called vortex, since the alternating vortices are generally arranged in the back of the fluid like objects on either side of the road.
The flow meter working according to this principle is called a vortex flow meter or a Kaman vortex flow meter.
A flow meter using a swirl-type swirl principle: A set of twisted blades is provided in the pipe to form a whirlpool generator that rotates when the fluid passes and forms a swirl near the center line of the pipe. The center of the vortex rotates around the centerline of the pipe, As the fluid advances along the side of the expansion of the radius of the radius, so that the center of the vortex into a similar conical spiral of the motor into the movement. At this point, for a point on the wall of the tube behind the vortex generator, the velocity of the fluid flowing will undergo a periodic change, the frequency of which is related to the flow rate of the fluid, and the frequency is detected to obtain the flow rate and the flow rate value.
According to this principle work flow meter called vortex flow meter or precession vortex flow meter