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The difference between the flow switch and the flow meter

Flow switch, as the name suggests has a switch function, and is based on the size of the flow to determine the switch or not, where the switch is an electrical signal, the general common flow meter and flow switch to see the name to know is close relatives, in fact, flow meter needs flow switch To control, is a passive contact, and some with the alarm switch flow meter can also achieve the function of the flow switch, but relatively speaking, the price is higher, so the cost of considering more users more suitable for the choice of flow switch. Now the flow meter can be manually controlled by the switch or remote control flow meter flow switch.
If the scene requires instantaneous flow (flow rate) measurement, the cumulative flow log with a normal flow switch can not meet the requirements, because this instrument only dry contact output, no accumulation function, no recording function, which is its low price one. Flow meter to cover the category of more, and some only show the flow of small flow meter, low price, the installation is also convenient, it is suitable for the occasion to do reference to the use of the required precision, record information comprehensive or to select the advanced Self-flow meter.
Said that you do not know here on the flow meter and flow switch has a clear understanding: a simple summary is: 1. Flow meter in two, you can achieve the switch function and can not achieve the switch function, to achieve the switch function Can be used instead of the flow switch. 2. Flow switch Some occasions can be used instead of the simplest flow meter (only the instantaneous flow measurement function).