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Electromagnetic flow meter and vortex flow meter What are the differences

     As a professional supplier of flowmeter, it is very important to use the flow meter users, talk about two kinds of widely used two flow meters. The first is the electromagnetic flow meter, the second is the vortex flow meter. This is what we often use most of the two flow meters. What is the difference between them before? I will tell you from the following points:
1. Electromagnetic flow meter and vortex flow meter principle is different.
???According to the principle of flange electromagnetic induction, a pair of test electrodes are installed on the wall of the tube which is perpendicular to the axis of the measuring tube and the magnetic field lines. When the conductive liquid moves along the axis of the measuring tube, the conductive liquid cuts the magnetic field lines to generate the induced potential. The sensing potential is detected by two sensing electrodes. The value is proportional to the flow rate. The value is E = B * V * D * K
Where E is the induced potential, B is the magnetic induction intensity, V is the average flow velocity of the conductive liquid, D is the electrode spacing, K is the coefficient of the magnetic field distribution in the axial length,
The sensor will be induced electromotive force as a flow signal, transmitted to the converter, amplified, transform filter and other signal processing, with a backlit dot matrix LCD display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.
???Vortex flow meter works is set in the fluid vortex generator, resulting in the body on both sides alternately produce a regular vortex, vortex column in the vortex downstream of the asymmetric arrangement, resulting in a certain frequency, through the formula f = St * v / (1-1.27d / D) * d, (St for the Strauss number, for the dimensionless number, with the vortex generator and the Reynolds number; v for the flow rate; d for the body surface width; D for the nominal diameter) to get the flow rate.
2. The measured medium is different
???Electromagnetic flow meter can measure the medium as conductive liquid. Not subject to viscosity, density. Such as water, corrosive liquids, abrasive liquids, and the like. The disadvantage of electromagnetic flow meter is that it can not measure gas. The advantage is high precision.
????Vortex flow meter can measure the liquid can also measure the gas. But affected by density. Nor can it measure high viscosity, corrosive liquids. But the vortex flow meter in the measurement of steam when the effect is very good. Recommended for users.
3. The accuracy is different
The accuracy of the electromagnetic flow meter is higher than that of the vortex flow meter. Electromagnetic precision can be done 0.2%, vortex accuracy of 1.0%