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A sewage treatment plant in Zhejiang Province purchased our sewage electromagnetic flow meter

      In December 2019, a sewage electromagnetic flow meter purchased by a sewage treatment plant in Zhejiang Province. The on-site customer did not understand the construction, the company sent a technician to the site to guide the installation and commissioning work. PVC pipes are used on site, and additional grounding rings and grounding piles are required.After installation of sewage electromagnetic flow meter, the water was connected for debugging. The field flow was very stable, the customer was very satisfied, and he gave our company a high evaluation.
      Our company has strict quality control in every link from electromagnetic flow meter design, raw material purchasing and processing, manufacturing and assembly, inspection and verification to product delivery. We strive to make our products more and more perfect. We take scientific management, strict technology, advanced equipment and high-quality employees as the guarantee of high-quality products, starting from customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction.