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Our staff actively participate in flow meter knowledge training in 2019

       On January 5, 2019, the flow meter knowledge training organized by the company was successfully carried out in the factory of KAIFENG AFT INSTRUMENT CO .,LTD. This training is to further strengthen the company staff's in-depth understanding of product knowledge, better serve customers, meet the development of the company, enhance the staff's ability, and lay a good foundation for the company's development and growth. Xu Zong, Xie Manager and Director Shang of our company are the main lecturers of the training.
       In order to give us a deeper understanding of product knowledge, Xu introduced the types, characteristics, principles, technical parameters and uses of electromagnetic flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, turbine flow streets and vortex flowmeters with vivid PPT. and take us to the workshop to observe the production process of the flowmeter. Mr. Xie Manager and Mr. Shang mainly explained the installation requirements of the flowmeter, and also led everyone to carry out the actual operation. During the course of the lecture, everyone listened attentively, took notes carefully, and dared to practice. This training has benefited us a lot.
     I hope that in the next work, I can better serve the company, bring more value to the company, and work together to build a better tomorrow for the company!