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Analysis of the development strategy of China's instrumentation manufacturing industry

China's instrumentation enterprises should change the concept, clear the industry objectives, create a unique enterprise development model and concept. Many instruments and meters enterprises do not know the nature of the industry, do not know the trend of industry development, do not understand their own development needs and objectives, the blind production expansion, but unfavorable to enterprise development. The instrument enterprise should clear the industry target, strengthen the brand effect and the crisis consciousness, establish own brand, create own enterprise culture idea and the development pattern, adapts the economic technology globalization development big background.

Although there are no shortage of talents in China's instrumentation industry, it is still a short board in the field of High-tech development reserve talents. Although many enterprises are aware of the importance of scientific research, but also increased the investment in scientific research, but because of the lack of High-tech development reserve talent, in the development and innovation appears to be insufficient power. China's instrumentation industry should strengthen personnel training, pay attention to educational undertakings, for the long-term development of the industry lay a solid foundation.

In the industry development, specialization is important, but cooperation is more important. The development of instrumentation industry should break through the inherent pattern and create new models to improve production efficiency. If the line emphasizes specialization division of labor, greatly enhance the production efficiency, but the round table production line in the full cooperation of workers, efficiency than the assembly line is higher, the working method is more flexible.