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What should be paid attention to during the selection and use of positive-displacement flow meter?

     The volumetric flowmeter has unique advantages in petroleum metering. The key reason is the lubrication of the fluid itself, which enables the instrument to operate in a long-term and stable manner with high precision and a large range.
     The following points should be noted in the selection and use of positive displacement flowmeters.
     a.Accuracy is related to the fluid range.
     Accuracy is related to the fluid range. If the same meter has a higher rated accuracy level, it can only be obtained in a lower range. If you want a larger range, you must lower the accuracy level.
     b.Liquid viscosity has a certain influence on the measurement error.
     Viscosity has less effect than turbine flowmeters, but it still introduces errors.
    c.Different types of instruments have large differences in the applicable viscosity range.
    Volumetric flowmeters for oil measurement are commonly used in elliptical gears, lumbar wheels, screws, scrapers, etc., where the screw type has the best adaptability to high viscosity fluids.
    d.The effect of pressure loss and viscosity on pressure loss.
    Volumetric flow meters are driven by fluid energy to drive the measuring element, thus resulting in a relatively high pressure loss.
    e.The effect of fluid temperature on measurement error.
    The measurement error of the volumetric flowmeter is closely related to the metering chamber volume and gap size. As the fluid temperature increases, the metering chamber volume increases.