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Do you really understand the turbine flow meter?

        Turbine flowmeters are widely used in oil flow measurement.This is mainly because oil itself is a good lubricant. It can lubricate shafts and bearings well during flow measurement, which is beneficial to long-term reliable operation of the instrument.

  • High precision, for liquids, domestic products can achieve ± (0.2-0.5)% R, and some foreign products can reach ± 0.15% R.
  • Good repeatability, short-term repeatability of up to 0.05%, such as frequent calibration, can get very high accuracy, can achieve the desired effect in quantitative operation.
  • Output pulse frequency signal, in the signal processing connected with batch controller and flow meter,can achieve basically no error.
  • Wide range, the ratio of maximum flow to minimum flow can reach 6:1-10:1
  • Small inertia, fast response, time constant is 1-50ms
  • Simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, large circulation capacity.If a failure occurs, it does not affect the transport of liquid in the pipeline.
  • Can withstand high pressure.Can be used for measurement of high pressure fluids
  • Corrosion-resistant, the sensor is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is resistant to corrosion by common corrosive media.
  • The friction between the turbine bearing and the shaft affects the accuracy of the meter.
  • In general, the turbine flowmeter is not suitable for high-viscosity liquids. As the viscosity increases, the flowmeter measurement lower limit value increases, the range is reduced, and the linearity is deteriorated.
  • The fluid is cleaned to a higher degree, and a filter should be installed before the flow meter.
c.Meter accuracy is related to its range.

       During operation, the meter operates in a very narrow flow range, which results in extremely high accuracy.

d.Meter accuracy is related to viscosity.

       For the same turbine flow meter, when the viscosity of the measured fluid changes, the measurement accuracy and range will change significantly.The viscosity increases, the range decreases, and the error moves in the negative direction.