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Electromagnetic flowmeter installation requirements

Intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of high performance ,high reliability of the flow meter .Used for measuring the volume flow of conducting liquid and slurry in closed conducts. Widely used in steel, electricity, petroleum, chemical, coal, metallurgy, paper making, water supply and drainage ,food, medicine industry etc.Its installation requirements are as follows:
①length requirement of straight pipe
The straight pipe section of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor requires less than the straight pipe section of most other flowmeters.After 90° elbow, T-shaped tube, concentric shaped tube and full-opening valve, it is generally considered that as long as the diameter of the electrode is 5 times the diameter of the straight pipe section, the valve with different opening degree needs 10D; the downstream straight pipe section is 2D or no requirement; However, it is necessary to prevent the butterfly valve piece from protruding into the sensor measuring tube.
If the valve cannot be fully opened, it should be installed at an angle of 45° to the electrode axis and the additional error can be greatly reduced.
②Installation location and flow direction.
The sensor can be mounted horizontally, vertically or tilted without restriction.However, it is best to measure the solid-liquid two-phase fluid vertically and flow from top to bottom. This can avoid the local wear of the lower part of the lining during horizontal installation, and the solid-liquid precipitation at low flow rate.
③Converter mounting and connecting cable
The converter of the split-type electromagnetic flowmeter should be installed near the sensor for easy reading and maintenance, or it can be installed in the instrument room, and its environmental conditions are much better than the sensor.