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Flow measurement characteristics of the water supply industry

The water plant extracts raw water from rivers, lakes or reservoirs and pays the country according to the raw water measurement results. The finished product of the water plant is tap water. The management and distribution of tap water requires a large number of large-diameter flowmeters. These measuring objects have the following characteristics.
①The measurement data belongs to trade settlement, and the measurement accuracy is high. The accuracy of ±2.5%R should be achieved in accordance with GB/T 17167. For large diameter meters, some users require up to ±0.5% R.
②The flow meter is arranged on the main pipe of the raw water and the tap water, and the caliber is large. To reduce the pumping cost, the resistance is required to be small.
③High requirements for measurement range. Household users are intermittently used, even for large enterprises and institutions, water consumption varies greatly between day and night, between different seasons, at different stages of production, operation, management or service.

④The environment is harsh. Large-diameter pipes are usually laid underground. Therefore, most of the flowmeters are installed in the instrument wells. If there is a slight accident, the rainwater will flood the instrument, so the flowmeter should have IP68 environmental protection capability.
⑤The clean water of the raw water is poor and the pressure is not high. Under the condition of low-speed flow in the large-diameter pipeline, the silt is easy to accumulate on the pipe wall. Therefore, the design of the instrument should consider the influence of the sludge, and the sludge should be cleaned during the design and installation.
At present, the selection of instrument selection tends to be the same. The large-diameter flowmeter used for trade settlement uses electromagnetic flowmeter, which can fully meet the above requirements. The small-diameter water flow measurement uses a rotary-wing water meter.