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Slurry Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Product description:
       The HBLD/G slurry type electromagnetic flowmeter is an electromagnetic flowmeter dedicated to measuring slurry media such as pulp, mud, slurry, and coal water slurry. The product adopts high frequency or double frequency excitation mode, which effectively improves the anti-slurry noise signal capability, has good stability and convenient operation, and the measured concentration can reach 5%-60%.

1. It can measure high concentration media.
2. High-frequency or dual-frequency excitation ensures the accuracy and sensitivity of the measurement.
3. It can realize multiple frequency combinations to adapt to different media environments.
4. The measuring tube has no obstruction flow and moving parts,and is particularly suitable for liquid-solid two-phase flow, such as: pulp, mud, slurry, coal water slurry measurement, the slurry concentration mass ratio can reach 40%, and the usual variation range is less than 5%.