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Electromagnetic heat meter and features

The HBLD/R series electromagnetic heat meter is a meter that measures the heat released by the heat transfer fluid in the heat transfer system. It uses a high-precision, high-reliability electromagnetic flowmeter as a flow measurement, and uses a high-precision, high-stability platinum thermal resistance for temperature measurement, which makes the thermal energy meter have excellent measurement performance. It can be widely used in the calculation of heat, heating, air conditioning and other heat in residential residential quarters, office buildings and enterprises.
Characteristics of electromagnetic heat meter:

①Measurement is not affected by the variation of flow density, viscosity, temperature,pressure and conductivity. High accuracy measurement is guaranteed according to the linear measurement principle.

②No obstacle in the pipe, no pressure-loss and lower requirement for straight pipeline.

③DN 6 to DN2000 covers a wide range of pipe size. A variety of liners and electrodes are available to satisfy different flow characteristic.

④Programmable low frequency square wave field excitation, improving measurement stability and reducing power consumption.

⑤Implementing 16 bits MCU, providing high integration and accuracy; Full-digital processing, high noise resistance and reliable measurement; Flow measurement range up to 1500:1.

⑥High definition LCD display with backlight.

⑦RS485 or RS232 interface supports digital communication.

⑧Intelligent empty pipe detection and electrodes resistance measurement diagnosing empty pipe and electrodes contamination accurately.

⑨SMD component and surface mount technology (SMT) are implemented to improve the reliability.