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Measuring the mass flow of steam with a vortex flowmeter

       The vortex flowmeter is a volumetric flowmeter, that is, the fluid Reynolds number is within a certain range, and its output is only proportional to the volume flow.
       The output of the vortex flowmeter has two kinds of frequency signals and analog signals, and the analog output is obtained by f/I conversion on the basis of the frequency output. This conversion is about 0.1% loss of accuracy. Therefore, when measuring steam flow, users prefer to use frequency output.
       The frequency output vortex flowmeter is more popular with users such as the heating company. The other reasons are as follows:
a.Frequency output vortex flowmeter price is slightly lower.
b.Modification of full range of Frequency output Vortex Flowmeter is more convenient ,you only need to follow the prescribed method and perform simple operations on buttons on the programmable flow calculator panel.
c.When you want to know the steam mass flow, if you use the frequency signal of frequency output vortex flow meter to calculate,just need to know the current working conditions of the fluid.The temperature and pressure compensation of the analog output vortex flowmeter only compensates for the error caused by the current working condition deviating from the design condition.Therefore, not only need to know the current conditions, but also need to know the design conditions. 
       The second type of data often causes errors due to data loss due to time lapse or personnel changes. In contrast, frequency output vortex flowmeters do not have this problem.