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Characteristics of flow measurement in the petroleum and chemical industries

       Flow measurement objects in the petroleum and chemical industries Due to the diversity of the measured medium, the measurement range is also extremely demanding. From measuring the small flow rate of the additive and the small test device to the high flow rate of the raw gas flow. From the most common water,vapor, air, gas, etc,to all kinds of chemical products and semi-finished products, as well as residues, liquid ammonia and other difficult objects.
      The petrochemical industry has strong financial strength and is an important market for high-end products with excellent quality and high price. In addition to some of the basic features described above, there are two distinct features below.
      ①Most petroleum and chemical companies have explosion-proof requirements. Even if the fluid to be tested is not a flammable or explosive substance, the entire area is a flammable and explosive place. Therefore, the instrument should be in accordance with the explosion-proof regulations when selecting the type.
②There are many corrosive fluids to be tested, and some corrosion resistance problems must be considered when contacting the corrosive medium. In addition to the corrosion of the measured medium, there is atmospheric corrosion.For example, the rainwater in the chlor-alkali plant, the nitrogen fertilizer plant, and the sulfuric acid plant plant area has a certain corrosive effect on the exposed parts of the instrument.Therefore, it is necessary to consider the protection of the outdoor instrument to avoid premature damage.