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What kind of compensation should be used for saturated steam?

(1)Look up the consistency of density
Saturated steam uses temperature compensation and pressure compensation, but is essentially the same. The reason is that the saturated steam has a single-valued function between the pressure and the temperature, and the density detected from the steam temperature is consistent with the density detected by the pressure corresponding to the temperature. Therefore, the use of temperature compensation and pressure compensation is feasible in principle.
(2)Investment difference
From the perspective of saving investment and reducing installation workload, because the price of a platinum thermal resistance is only a few tenths to a fraction of that of a pressure transmitter, temperature compensation is economical.
(3)Compensation accuracy difference
How much compensation accuracy can be obtained by temperature compensation and pressure compensation, which is related not only to the accuracy of the temperature sensor and the pressure transmitter, but also to the flowmeter type, the specific working condition of the measuring object and the range selection of the pressure transmitter.