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Why cryogenic fluid flow metering applies to turbine flowmeter

The turbine flowmeter is suitable for the flow rate of the very cryogenic fluid, its advantages are as follows:
The pressure loss is smaller. Even the very low temperature of the fluid, its evaporation is small, can be high-precision measurement.
Large range.
The relationship between flow and output is linear because it detects velocity.
Because of the pulse output, it is easy to accumulate calculations.
It is easy to install the guide tube.

Structure and material of turbine flowmeter:
In order to reduce the heat shrinkage and other causes of the possibility of leakage, the main body is generally equipped with flange, rather than threaded joints. In order to avoid the hot and cold effect, the preamplifier part adopts the lengthened withdrawal installment. However, you can sometimes install the heatsink as appropriate. The body, triangle pillar, flange need to use low-temperature material SUS316.

Flow measurement range of turbine flowmeter:
The diameter of the flowmeter is usually the same as that of the normal pipe. However, the design of piping is often based on future plans. When the pipe diameter is large or the usage is increased, the measurement accuracy becomes worse and even cannot be measured. In this case, the Vortex flowmeter and the rectifier before and after must be selected according to the measuring range to make the aperture consistent. Generally speaking, you can follow the following points to select.
The minimum flow limit is this: when the flow is below this limit, the flow signal weakens. By Reynolds number, the Reynolds number is about 2000.
Maximum flow. When converted to flow rate, take 6 m/s. The reason for this value is that on the one hand, in the detection of the flowmeter part of the pressure loss increased, fluid evaporation at the place, on the other hand, it is the limit of vortex flow measurement.