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The key of electromagnetic flowmeter is maintenance

Although the electromagnetic flowmeter is an old-fashioned flowmeter, it has a new type of flowmeter unparalleled advantages:
With the development of science and technology, new flow meters are emerging, a wide variety, different performance, and its use of conditions and technical parameters are also different, we have used in accordance with the use of various types of flow meters in the actual application, the existing problems, installation difficulties, performance price ratio and other issues seriously analyzed and compared and demonstrated, It is considered that the electromagnetic flowmeter has the advantages of sensitive reaction, good linearity and high precision, and is not affected by the temperature, viscosity and other factors of the measured medium during the measurement.

1.The electromagnetic flowmeter has high precision, good linearity and stable operation, which improves the accuracy of measurement and the reliability of data, and overcomes the instability of some instruments, which leads to the problem of unreliable measurement data. After multiple site alignment, the error is within the control range, enhance the degree of trust in the instrument, end of the pump according to the performance curve of the calculation of the amount of water is not scientific measurement method, to effectively take the instrument collection data as prevail, to avoid human factors.
2.The electromagnetic flowmeter is simple in structure, the sensor has no movable parts, there is no measurement error or instrument fault due to the mechanical movement wear or impurity winding, so the failure rate is very low and the maintenance quantity is greatly reduced, thus saving a lot of manpower and material resources.
Electromagnetic flowmeter has a variety of interface circuits, can be easily connected with data acquisition terminals or computers to achieve data acquisition, analysis, management automation.

It is especially important to use and maintain the electromagnetic flowmeter correctly!