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Advantages of electromagnetic flowmeter for chilled water detection

Electromagnetic flowmeter for the advantages of frozen water detection: For example: No pressure loss, high precision, good stability. However, due to the characteristics of chilled water, some problems should be paid attention to in the use of electromagnetic flowmeter.

The first is the electromagnetic flowmeter of the internal problem, pay attention to the negative pressure memory problem. When the measurement medium has a certain corrosive, we need to use poly (PTFE) of memory materials. However, the electromagnetic flowmeter with PTFE material cannot withstand negative pressure.

There are two solutions to the problem:
First, the original vent valve into one-way valve (check valve), in the pipeline when a small negative pressure, the valve automatically opened, from the atmosphere inhaled air, thereby ensuring safety.
Second, with skeleton-type memory, the disadvantage is to increase investment costs.

The above is the electromagnetic flowmeter in the freezing water measurement should pay attention to matters. Suitable for freezing water metering Another flowmeter is the time difference ultrasonic flowmeter, in the use of the same need to pay attention to some problems. For example: Because the sensor together with the cable plugs may be wrapped in the insulation layer, in order to prevent condensation on the sensor damage, the cable plug protection level should be selected IP68 diving type of protection.