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How to measure cryogenic medium by electromagnetic flow transducer

When measuring cryogenic medium, the transmitter is limited by two conveniences, one is the low temperature resistance of the material and the other is the electrical insulation problem of the transducer. For general-more than 20 degrees of media, such as frozen brine, usually the transmitter lining materials can be used. However, the use of PTFE materials, PTFE expansion and contraction is more serious. Easy to make electrodes leak. The main problem in measuring cryogenic media is the electrical insulation of the transmitter. When the measuring tube is filled with the flowing cryogenic medium, the phenomenon of condensation water droplets or condensation frost in measuring the outer wall of the tube and the transmitter is easy to happen. In this way, the insulation resistance between the signal circuit, the excitation circuit and the casing is reduced, even short circuit.

In this case, we can seal the shell with a resin or sealant. The use of transducer shell filled transformer oil to ensure that the insulation can also be directly filled with a resin transmitter shell inside the cavity, so that the electrical part of the air isolation.