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Measurement of gas flowmeter using swirl Vortex

Any kind of metering instrument has its installation characteristics, intelligent rotary Vortex flowmeter is no exception. In order to make this instrument better serve the flow metering work, the technical service personnel many years of practical experience shows that the following points of attention should arouse the relevant management and use of the Department's attention.

① attaches importance to instrument selection. In the case where the instrument type has been selected (for example, the intelligent Vortex flow meter), it is important to select the instrument specification and its supporting components. In a word, choose good to use. Therefore, in the selection process should hold two basic principles, namely: one to use precision, two to produce safety. To do this, you must implement three selection parameters, the largest, smallest and commonly used instantaneous flow (mainly used for the size of the selected instrument), the design pressure of the measured medium (mainly used for the nominal pressure rating of the selected instrument), and the working pressure (mainly for the pressure rating of the selected instrument pressure sensor).
② To use the pre-marking school. On the one hand, there are still such difficulties in the field verification of such instruments. In addition, if the acquisition intention is to be prepared to apply the instrument to the more important measurement occasions, such as large flow of trade measurement or measurement disputes more prominent points of measurement, and the use of the site does not have the flow of online calibration of the vortex flowmeter conditions, then in this case, It is premature to judge that all the performance of the table is acceptable only by a factory-qualified certificate from the manufacturer at the time of purchase. Therefore, in order to ensure that the instrument in the future work in the process of its measurement results of the reliable and accurate, it is necessary before the formal installation of the test to have the ability and qualification of the Department to carry out a full flow range of system verification.
③ Do the process installation well. Although this kind of instrument does not have many special request to the craft installment and the use, however, any type of flow measurement instrument has such a common, namely, as far as possible to avoid vibration and high temperature with the flow-state interference elements (such as compressors, separators, pressure regulator, size head and manifold, elbow, etc.), keep the instrument before and after the straight pipe section of the smooth and straight tube, The measured medium is a clean single-phase fluid and so on.
strengthen post management. Although this kind of instrument has many kinds of automatic disposal function and micro power consumption characteristic, but after the operation still needs to strengthen the management. For example, in order to gauge the accuracy of long-term work, reliability (avoid accidental outage and data loss), the system should be marked regularly (every 1-2 years), table header data (daily or weekly), replacement media parameters (monthly or quarterly), and irregular check of battery status, meter factor and lead seals.