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Application of inserting type electromagnetic flowmeter in mine water treatment

In order to reduce pollution, water saving and emission reduction must be measured and controlled strictly for domestic water, industrial water, circulating water and discharged sewage. Flow measurement plays an important role in the total quantity control, quota management and petrochemical production and process control of water resources. The main water supply plant of circulating water in coal chemical plant, the operation of the water supply device is very important to the whole plant production and environmental protection. Sewage treatment capacity and treatment quality is an important indicator of the water supply device, if the processing capacity is low can not meet the requirements of the whole plant water, if the treatment of low quality can not meet the emission requirements. The water outlet capacity and economic benefit of mine water are investigated mainly by 3 flow indices, that is, the inflow of coal, the clarification of flow and the amount of sludge outflow. Considering the cost-performance factors, the author selects the inserted electromagnetic flowmeter on the φ250mm pipe, and carries on the installation with pressure, after nearly 5 months operation Test, the flowmeter has good application effect and the flow metering is more accurate.

The grounding point of the sensor output signal shall be electrically connected with the measured medium. When the fluid cut the magnetic field lines generate flow signal, the fluid itself as 0 potential, one electrode generated positive potential, the other electrode generated negative potential, and constantly alternating change. Therefore, the converter input point (signal cable shielding layer) must be in 0 potential and conduction, so as to form a symmetrical input circuit. The input point of the converter is connected with the measured fluid electrically by the connecting location of the output signal of the sensor. Because the output signal of the sensor is very small, only a few MV, in order to improve the anti-interference ability of the instrument, the 0 potential in the input circuit must be grounded. Because the general metal pipelines are connected with the Earth, the flowing medium is connected with the Earth electric through the metal pipe, so the electromagnetic flowmeter is not required to set the grounding device alone, especially the small caliber electromagnetic flow sensor. If it is a non-metallic pipe, it must be connected with a separate grounding wire.