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How to ensure accurate measurement of metal tube rotor flowmeter

To ensure that the required measurement accuracy is achieved, the following points need to be noted:
1. flowmeter must be installed vertically, the flow flow from the bottom of the flowmeter, and the verticality is superior to 2°, horizontal installation of the horizontal angle is better than 2°;
2. Metal tube Floater flowmeter should be added bypass, easy to handle failure and blow washing does not affect production; 
3. Flowmeter entrance should be 5 times times the length of pipe diameter above the straight pipe, the export should be 250mm straight pipe;
4. The medium contains ferromagnetic material, should install magnetic filter; 
5. The medium contains solid impurities, should consider in the valve and straight pipe between the installation of filters;
6. For gas measurement, should ensure that the pipeline pressure is not less than 5 times times the pressure loss of flowmeter to make the float stable work;
7. The measured medium temperature is above 220 ℃ or the fluid temperature is too low apt to occur the crystallization, needs to take the heat insulation protection measure, should choose the jacket type, in order to carry on the cooling or the heat preservation.