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How To Maintain A Turbine Flowmeter

Turbine flowmeter is a kind of widely used flowmeter. It has features as compact confirmation, intuitive reading, high reliability, and free from outside interference. If the users can use the turbine flowmeter in the regular maintenance, they will effectively extend the useful life of the instrument. How should the user maintain the turbine flowmeter? The following introduces the daily maintenance of the turbine flowmeter, hoping to help everyone.
1. Flow fluctuation is higher
The reasons for higher flow fluctuation are as follows:
(1)Is the water flow pulsating flow?
①In general, pumping the raw material, if the flowmeter installation position is close to pump, it is easy to produce pulsating flow, resulting in relatively large fluctuations in traffic. In this situation, you should be to increase the straight pipe distance between pump and flowmeter, so that the flow will be more stable.
②If the flowmeter installation position is close to the valve or elbow, when the raw material through the valve or elbow, it will cause the flow fluctuations.
(2) Is there any interference?
When the flowmeter is near the motor, inverter, strong power or some other interference source, the solution is to earth flow meter or using filter capacitor. If you can’t solve it, it should be away from the source of interference.
2. The solution of no display of flow
(1) First, checking the line if there are problems, such as signal line off, broken and so on.
(2) Separate the sensor and signal amplifier, connect the signal amplifier and flowmeter, use iron metal slide back and forth in the 2~3mm distance from the bottom of in the signal amplifier. If there has display, it’s no problem. Then remove the flow sensor from the pipe and check that the flowmeter impeller is entangled or if the impeller is damaged.
3. Flow meter shows a small flow, while the actual flow is larger
The reason cause this problem is that the impeller rotates not so fast or the impeller blades was broken. Please remove the flowmeter from the pipe and check if the flowmeter is entangled or damaged.
4. Flowmeter display large error
(1) First, checking the flow sensor coefficient that K value and other parameters of the instrument is correctly.
(2) If has condition, you can use the electronic scale for actual calibration.