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Project Case

A Shopping Mall Local Case in Qingdao, Shandong

We got a call from customer on Jul. 29th,2016,  he said that the air condition electromagnetic flow meter can only collected the flow of 4mA and the pressure was in a unormal situation. Under the condition of  the problem can't be solved on  telephone, we drove a car to the shopping mall in Qingdao. The technicist checked the local situation, the reasonscaused the situation are as follows:

1. The cucstomer mistook municipal water for air condition water. Water supply was for merchants at that time. Electromagnetic flow meter diameter size was DN100, and the number of business users were at an average of 3-4, some of them solded clothes, fruit or supplied food sevice. We find that the water consumption was less,  electromagnetic flow meter diameter size was too big, resulting in the low flow speed and the flow meter was unable to work.

2.The customer reflected that the numerical control acquisition module collected the pressure was unormal. Then we companied with customer arrived at the local place to find the corresponding electromagnetic flow meter, we knowed that the flow meter didn't connect to the power supply and output signal. The customer finally explained that the pressure come from the signal acquisition template.

3. According to the local situation we find that the flow meter was installed in a wrong position. On one hand, we can't make sure  the upstream straight pipe diameter was more than 10 times while  the downstream straight  pipe diameter more than 5 times. On the other hand, after installing the flow meter, it can't install valve directely behind the flow meter. And the pipe size of the flow meter was inconsistent  with the flow meter. These phenomena will cause inaccuracies and instability of the  flow.