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Project Case

The Debugging of Ultrasonic Open Channel

       With the government pay more and more attention on environmental protection,the environmental protection department requirements more and more enterprises to do water quality online detection. And then,the ultrasonic open channel flowmeter was widely used.

       Below is the analysis in the installation and commissioning progress.One of the customers who deals in printing and dyeing feedback that the flow rate display of the ultrasosnic open channel flow meter was inaccurate and not steady ,and asked us go to the working site.After our engineers Mr.Xu and Mr.Shang checking,the problem was that :

1.The installation of sensor don't meet the requirment.
2.There is no measuring well.
3.There is something inside rectangular weir.

      Especially the first item is the direct cause of the flow meter was inaccurate and not steady.Meanwhile ,The engineer checked  the ultrasonic open channel parameters setting.There is  also some setting problems ,like the mounting height ,customer's setting is Zero .

Finnally ,the ultrasonic open channel flow meter display the correct flow rate aftering the reseeting .
Kindly noted :installation of sensor and rectangular weir is the key cause for the measuring.Warmly hope :Customers pay more attention on this .

                                                                                                                                                               AFT Engineer Department