Electromagnetic Flow meter
  • Electromagnetic Flow meter
  • Product Name :Insertion Electromagnetic Flow meter
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFTLDC
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         Insertion type magnetic flow meter is developed on the basis of the pipeline type electromagnetic flow meter.It continues to have the advantages of the pipe flow meter in view of the flow meter in the pipeline installation difficulty cost big and son on the flaw it takes the NIKURADS principle with the electromagnetic method for volume flow rate of the fluid.The insertion type flow meter can be install without stopping the water with the typical  opening with pressure and installation with pressure technology. I t also can be install in iron casting pipe and cement pipe.The successfully development of the insertion type electromagnetic flow meter provides a new method for the detection of fluid flow.


Measurement is undependable of fluid densityviscosity humidity temperature pressure and conductivity.

The high reliable out-insertion installing mode with which the sensor can be installed
without removing the measuring pipe makes the flowmeter particularly applicable in field where the water can not be cut off for long.In addition it can be equipped on the old pipe with locale hatching

With simple structure the flowmeter  is of high reliability without lining in the measuring pipe.

The wide range of the nominal bore is suitable for all the pipe size between DN80 and DN3000.

The integral grounded electrode guarantees the grounding well.

The sensor with advanced processing technology and solid airproof is of long natural life and of nice resistance to shaking leakage.Anti infiltration it guarantees the instrument good precision and stability.

Technical Parameters

Caliber DN100-DN3000mm
Flow rate 0.1~10m/s
Accuracy 0.5~10m/s:±1.5%FS;0.1~0.5m/s:±2.0%FS    0.1~10m/s:±2.5%FS(FS refers to 40%~100% of the full scale flow )
Conductivity >50μs/cm
Length of straight pipe Upstream 5D, downstream 3D
Medium temperature -20℃~/+130℃
Environment temperature -20℃~/+60℃
Pressure 1.6MPa
Protection class IP65(Integrate),IP68(Remote)
Electrode material SUS316L
Output signal 4-20Ma ,RS485,HART,Modbus
Sensor material Stainless steel
Power 220V/24V
Connection code Flange type ,thread type
Ex-proof Mark Exmd‖T4

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