Electromagnetic Flow meter
  • Electromagnetic Flow meter
  • Product Name :3.6v Powered Magnetic FlowMeter
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFTLD/D
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Characteristics and application scope

        AFTLD/D battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter converter using internal battery supply no need external power supply ,it is suitable for wild power grid which can not arrive and power grid laid the operation of the difficult situation,especially suitable for tap water system monitoring,measurement and installment .AFTLD/D battery-powered electromagnetic converter using low power consumption circuit technology design ,reliable,efficient excitation,signal processing circuit implementation measurement function,ensure has high reliability and stability of the converter ,and adopt efficient system management technology greatly reduced the system power consumption ,save power costs at the same time achieve precise measurement.

AFTLD/D Battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter  performance introduction
There line display:using 120 segments of bit code displays,may realize the flow velocity,flow,and the amount of information,billing,alarm information,the battery power etc other data,information display .Display content can choose,the use of magnetic spring switch without operation identity authentication of showing,the contents of the switch can be realized.
The internal accumulative total calculators
For forward flow ,reverse flow gross amount and net amount ,and can realize eight accumulation

If in order to provide data to the company ,the product of relevant data in the interior of the converter for programming good before leave the factory .If necessary ,it is using the communication interface of the upper or authorized by the user to cover of the operator by instrument pane key easy to realize the converter to programming ,and will not affect converter technical performance .

Communication mode :RS485 communication 

1/15 Hz excitation frequency;2.5 Hz excitation frequency; Other optional 

The power supply 
Standard configuration:2 day 19 Ah 3.6 V high-energy lithium battery(not charging)
Optional configuration:3-5 day 19Ah 3.6 V high-energy lithium battery (not charging)

Battery life 
2 pcs 19 Ah high-energy lithium battery 1/15 Hz excitation response five years.
2 pcs 19 Ah high-energy lithium battery 2.5 Hz excitation response 1 year

AFTLD/D Battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter converter can detect the following alarm… the alarm ,sensor fault (excitation open circuit),reverse flow ,the flow upper alarm ,the batteries out .Through the programming set alarm that can appear above alarm after the instrument shows corresponding alarm information and may through communication interface up a machine instrctions alarm information.
Working environment temperature:-25℃~60℃
Storage temperature:-25℃~60℃ 

The external environment protection
Integrated IP65 ,Remote type converter IP67 ,Sensor IP 68

Data parameter 
Instrument parameters and the measurement data is storaged existence of volatile packet (generally can save 10 years) For measurement of the settlement application requirements ,instrument have mechanical seal and electronic seal of two kinds of devices which can affectively, prevent to define the measurement parameters was unauthorized people changes.
Self diagnosis 
Converter can make a diagnosis function :Blank pipe ,sensor error (excitation open),the battery power consumption.
The interchangeability
AFTLD/D Battery-powered electromagnetic flow meter converter interchangeable,for all sorts of diameter MFB sensor ,converter can use for transfers.Transfers in the field of converter after can change ,change converter for programming will not affect the performance of the  system.

Outlet seal:  M2.0 X 1.5 seal sets ,Special requirements can be explained.
Time constant:  From 1 to 120 secs all programmable 

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