Electromagnetic Flow meter
  • Electromagnetic Flow meter
  • Product Name :Electromagnetic energy meter
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFTLDR
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High measurement accuracy stable and reliable application excellent performance with PT 1000 hot resistance for temperature measurement and electromagnetic flow meter for flow measurement .
No obstacle no pressure loss not influenced by bad water quality .
Wide range of flow measurement flow rate can be set from 0.5m/s to 10 m/s.
The converter of the the LCD back light type shows and reading easily under the sun or in the dark room.It can display accumulative heat and flow instantaneous heat and flow water inlet temperature water outlet temperature etc at the same time .
By using the method of thermal enthalpy modified with random temperature change the accurate measurement of the different water temperature is guaranteed.
It has the Modbus HartGprsProfibus digital communication output for reaching the telecommunication.
It has the password without password the flowmeter can not work.

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