Metal Tube Flow Meter
  • Metal Tube Flow Meter
  • Product Name :Variable Area Tube Rotameter Local Display & Explosion-proof
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :LZ
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LZ Variable-area Flow-meter with measuring tube has the characteristics of simple construct work reliable widely used high precision .Convenient installing.Compared
with the Variable-area Flow-meter with glass tube .This series has the characteristics of high-pressure proof high-temperature proof safetyocular reading etc.It can be
suitable to measure the flange usesfloater of normal series uses material of stainless steel .The orificefloat and the tube lining of anti-corrosion series uses the
anti-corrosion material of PTFE(Teflon).
  • Accuracy: Normal type: ±2.5%, high accuracy type: ±1.5%

  • Measuring Medium: Liquid, gases or steam.

  • Environment Temperature: -25℃~+100℃

  • Medium Temperature: Standard Type: -20℃~+200℃

                                               High Temperature Type: 300℃
                                               Liner FEP Type: ≤90℃

  • Medium Viscosity: DN15: ≤ 5mPa.s
                                                     ≤ 30mPa.s
                                          DN25:≤ 250mPa.s
                                          DN50-150: ≤ 300mPa.s

  • It has horizontal installation and vertical installation type rotameter.

  • Flow Range Ratio: 10:1

  • Power Supply: 24VDC, 3.6V lithium battery power

  • Power voltage influence: ≤±0.1% F.S

  • Load Influence: ≤±0.1%

  • Max Working Pressure: DN15~DN50 is 4.0MPa, DN80~DN150 is 1.6MPa.

  • Pipe Connection: Flange, Thread, Quick coupling

  • Shell:Aluminum Alloy

  • Protection Class: IP65, IP67

  • Electrical Connection: M20×1.5 internal thread, M16×1.5 internal thread, 1/2’’NPT.

  • Remote transfer converter: 4-20mA, HART protocol communication.

  • Measure Pipe Material: Normal type is 1Cr18Ni9Ti,Anti-corrosive is PTFE.

  • Explosion Proof: Mark: Exia II CT1~T6.

  • Intrinsically safe explosion-proof: Mark: Exia II CT1~T6.

  • Power terminal intrinsically safe parameters: Ui=28V  Li=100mA  Pi=0.7W
                                                                                      Ci=OnF  Li=OnH
  • Alarm terminal intrinsically safe parameters: Ui=28V  Li=50mA  Pi=0.1W
                                                                                      Ci=OnF  Li=OnH
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