Metal Tube Flow Meter
  • Metal Tube Flow Meter
  • Product Name :Variable Area Tube Float Flow Meter
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :LZZ
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     lZ series Variable-area Flow-meter with metallic measuring tube is the variable-area Flow-meter .As the fluid flow upwards in the metal tubethe floater moves upwards to a certain position where the force and the lift force and the gravitational force meets balanceat the orifice(or the cone tube) keeps fixed.The circulation area is in proportion to the height of the floaterit means the height of the floater represent the volume of the flow.When the floater moves up and down If transmit its position to the indicator moves following the movement of the floater and by using the carn board to show the value of flow linearly on the electricity remote transmit means so far as the needle of the indicator pointed out the value the flow-meter change the value into standard electric current signals of 4~20mA or 0~10mA accuracy using angle displacement sensor and electric circuit.  
  • Accuracy: Normal type: ±2.5%, high accuracy type: ±1.5%

  • Measuring Medium: Liquid, gases or steam.

  • Environment Temperature: -25℃~+100℃

  • Medium Temperature: Standard Type: -20℃~+200℃

                                               High Temperature Type: 300℃
                                               Liner FEP Type: ≤90℃

  • Medium Viscosity: DN15: ≤ 5mPa.s
                                                     ≤ 30mPa.s
                                          DN25:≤ 250mPa.s
                                          DN50-150: ≤ 300mPa.s

  • It has horizontal installation and vertical installation type rotameter.

  • Flow Range Ratio: 10:1

  • Power Supply: 24VDC, 3.6V lithium battery power

  • Power voltage influence: ≤±0.1% F.S

  • Load Influence: ≤±0.1%

  • Max Working Pressure: DN15~DN50 is 4.0MPa, DN80~DN150 is 1.6MPa.

  • Pipe Connection: Flange, Thread, Quick coupling

  • Shell:Aluminum Alloy

  • Protection Class: IP65, IP67

  • Electrical Connection: M20×1.5 internal thread, M16×1.5 internal thread, 1/2’’NPT.

  • Remote transfer converter: 4-20mA, HART protocol communication.

  • Measure Pipe Material: Normal type is 1Cr18Ni9Ti,Anti-corrosive is PTFE.

  • Explosion Proof: Mark: Exia II CT1~T6.

  • Intrinsically safe explosion-proof: Mark: Exia II CT1~T6.

  • Power terminal intrinsically safe parameters: Ui=28V  Li=100mA  Pi=0.7W
                                                                                      Ci=OnF  Li=OnH
  • Alarm terminal intrinsically safe parameters: Ui=28V  Li=50mA  Pi=0.1W
                                                                                      Ci=OnF  Li=OnH    

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