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  • Throttling Device
  • Product Name :Type V inner cone flowmeter
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFTLGV
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The throttling part of Type V inner cone flowmeter is a conical body which is spending in the center of pipeline ,it can improve the flow fluid ,the high pressure Pi from tube wall which is the flow body has not yet throttling accelerated before vertebral devices ;Low pressure P2 are taken from the after centrum rear ,and it can draw forth transmitter branch pipe in front of inner vertebral ,its square root of differential pressure (P1-P2)is proportional to the rate of flow ,then work out a fluid flow,the products are widely used in flow measurement for the liquid ,gas or steam of the steel industry ,electric power ,chemical etc industry.

Type V inner cone flowmeter Feature
The requirement of before and after straight pipe section is shorter generally of upstream on;lt need 3Dand downstream only need 1D
High accuracy pressure differential output value can achieve 0.1% repeatability
Low pressure lossand just for orifice plate-1/3.
Can measured contains suspended particles liquid d-solid medium also can be used to measured the gas .
Technical parameters
Taking pressure mode :spam taking-pressure
Nominal pressure :≤1.6Mpa
Range of application:measurement range ratio:10:1
Reynolds number range ReD:106≥ReD≥10000

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