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  • Product Name :Annular Orifice Plate
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFTLGB
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Annular orifice plate not only can measured the generally fluid flow rate ,but also can be used for the measurement contain all the impurities of fluid(such as dust ,suspension ,the precipitation etc),such as all kinds of gas ,hot wind.flu-gas ,cooling recirculating water.


Structure strong.performance stable

Can measured the containing impurities of fluid

Need the before and after straight pipe sections are shorter (before 2D,after 0.5D)

Use the jacket type heat structure ,and suitable for the need warming or cooling of fluid.

Technical Parameters

Taking pressure mode :before and after side surface taking pressure ,span taking-pressure

Nominal pressure :≤32Mpa (≥20Mpa ,it can use welding type)


Accuracy(indeterminacy):±2.5% actual demarcate can be reach ±1%

Range of application:open hole diameter rate β :0.5 ≤β≤0.72
                                  Reynolds number range ReD:107 ≥ReD≥5000

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