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  • Product Name :Standard Orifice Plate
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFTLGB
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     Standard orifice plate is one product of the throttle device which has simple structure 
installation convenient and has the most adaptableits design manufacture and use are suitable for international standard ISO 5167 or GB/T rules.

Standard orifice plate Feature

Simple structure ,strong,convenient installation.

Can measured all kinds of flow of gas ,steam and liquid ,and wide usage.

Don’t need real flow calibration ,with moderate precision.

Attachment is complete ,it can design and calculation for the user.

It be can equiped with Intelligent differential pressure transmitter, and realize temperature ,pressure compensation or the scene concentric line communicating mode.


Standard orifice plateTechnical parameters 

Taking pressure mode:Corner joint (Riting chamber or drill alone )taking pressure ,Flange
taking  pressure ,D-D/2 taking pressure

Nominal pressure:≤32Mpa,(when ≥20Mpa ,it can use high pressure lens orifice plate or welding type)

Caliber:50~1000mm(standard orifice plate) or<50mm(ensemble plate)>1000mm(plate orifice-plate)


Range of application:open hole diameter(mm):d ≥12.5(standard orifice plate)
             open hole diameter rate β :0.1 ≤β≤0.75
             Reynolds number range ReD: 0.1 ≤β≤0.75
             107 ≥ReD≥5000 and ReD≥107 β2D:D can be use (mm)show



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