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  • Product Name :Inserted Venturi Tube
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFTLGW
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Inserted venturi tube which is put the small caliber of classic venturi tube inserted into a big pipeline ,and measuring the differential pressure of insert venturi tube ,and then get the flow ,and it can be used measurement in large diameter of gas flow(such as blast furnace gas,flue-gas)


Simple structure fastness
The pressure loss is small saving energy
Structure size is small and installation size is small the cost lower
Performance stableit can be used in flow path monitoring

Technical parameterrs

Taking pressure mode:Upstream use the span taking-pressure downstream use the laryngeal taking-pressure
Nomial pressure:≤6.3Mpa
Range of application:Reynolds number range ReD:2*106≥ReD≥2*105

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