Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Product Name :Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter
    Brand :AFT
    Model NO. :AFT
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Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is a high precision using the ultrasonic measurement of Venturi channels or Parshall flume flow meter, ultrasonic measurement in contact with the channel surface bounce back after the time, then according to the formula to calculate the channel flow, it can provide output flow, the flow rate and total flow.
  • Technical Parameter

Flow measurement range:0~93m3/h(And determine the range with weir tank specifications)

Cumulative flow range:9999999999Km3

Weir trough type: Triangular weir, Rectangular weir, Full width weir, parshall flume

Display accuracy: Depending on the input signal
The flow error related with weir trough

Triangular weir :1~2%, Rectangular weir,:1~4%, parshall flume:3%

calibration :Factory calibration,also can on site calibration

Display: 2.8 inches Chinese LCD

Display screen display: Height of liquid level, Instantaneous flow rate, Cumulative flow, Time flow, Daily flow,year flow ,month flow ,date ,month and year ,the battery level (Can be arbitrarily set )

Signal output:4~20 ma,0~20ma;1~5V;0~5V;RS485

Key: 4 touch keys

  • Output
Power output:DC12V or 24V
Signal output :RS485/RS232 ,4~20MA , 3 channel relay
Relay contact capacity:AC:5A DC:10A 24V

  • Power supply
Working power:DC24V ,or AC 160V-250V
Normal power:<5 W

  • Physical property
 Main boday shape size :240*184*110 MM;
Shell material:ABS
Connection :Thread or Screw fixation;
Inatllation :Screw M48*1.5
Keybord: Five bit chip key
Sensor wire:10M (Optional)

  • Environment 
Temperature:0~50℃ Ambiewnt humidity :≤85RH pressure:nominal pressure

Data storage: The past 168 hour flow .The past 31 days flow .The past 36 months flow and The past 10 years flow

  • Optional instruments
Micro printer:12V Battery
Level gauge lead: The most remote can be connected to 1000 meters, user self
Minimum display resolution:1MM
temperature compensation: Automatic temperature compensation
working frequency:20KHZ~200KHZ(Different models and specifications)
Locale setting: Through the machine button to complete
calibration :Factory calibration,also can on site calibration
Display: 3 lines Chinese LCD display
Support data collection

  • Application area

Water and sewage treatment-pump station,Collecting well,Biochemical reaction pool,sedimentation tank etc

Electric power mine- The pond coal slurry pond,Butter storage tank,Heap dump or Part of the mobile device control etc.

Food industry- Wine factory barn food material filled tank etc.

Control system supporting the use of performance index and Performance characteristics .
Built in a variety of algorithms suitable for a variety of standard water weir

Rugged stable sensor for use in harsh industrial applications

4 to 20 mA isolated current output optional field bus interface

Control relay output alarm relay output
Water and sewage treatment- The inlet canal the canal etc

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