Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Product Name :Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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Ultrasonic flow meter  is designed to work with clamp-on transducers to enable the flow of a liquid within a closed pipe to be measured accurately without needing to insert any mechanical parts through the pipe wall or protrude into the flow system. Using ultrasonic transit time techniques the is controlled by a micro-processor system which contains a wide range of data that enables it to be used with pipes with an outside diameter ranging from 15mm up to 6000mm (depending on model) and constructed of almost any material. The instrument will also operate over a wide range of fluid temperatures.

Ultrasonic flow meter feature

High Accuracy
    Accuracy better than 1%.

Measure Range
    Select different model sensorscan achieve DN15-DN6000mm pipe flow measurement

High Reliability
    Adopt low voltagemulti-pulse radiating circuit.AccuracyLifetime and Reliability are better.

High Anti-interference
    Adopt double balanced signal differencial transmissionreceiving circuit
    effective resist the drivetower Strong power lines and other source of interference.

Powerful Memory Function
    Automatic memory the cumulative flow of 512 days before 128 months before 10 years before.
    Automatic memory the power-on and off of 64times before and the flow.
    Automatic memory the meter working condition of 32days before.

Support Temperature Sensor
   Connect with Temperature sensorit can measure heat flow.

Support SD card memory
   Select SD card memoryit can realize mass storage by ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flow meter technical parameter:
Transmitter Principle Ultrasonic transit-time principle,Four-byte IEEE754 floating-point arithmetic
Accuracy Better than ±1%
Display LCD display with Chinese,English Display
Output One 4-20mA Current output,Impedance0-1K,Accuracy 0.1%
One OCT Pulse output(Width 6-1000ms,Default200ms)
One Relays output
  Three 4-20mA Current input,accuracy 0.1%,can collect temperature,
pressure,level signals etc.
Can connect with three-wire PT100 Plastnium resistance to measure heat flow.
Data Interface Isolated RS485 interface, can upgrade flowmeter through PC,support modbus
Cable Normal below 50m;Select RS485 Communication,Transmission distance can over thousand meters.
material Steel,Stainless steel,Cast iron,copper,PVC,aluminium,FRP etc.(liner allowed)
Diameter 15~6000mm
Installation Upstream 10D,downstream 5D,30D away from the pump outlet(D for diameter)
Medium Fluid Water,sea water,acid liquid,beer,alcohol,oil and
any other liquid that can spread sonic
Temperature —30~160 ℃
Turbidity 10000ppm and with little bubbles
Velocity 0 ± 10m s
Temperature Transmitter:-20~60 ℃;Transducer:-30~160 ℃
Humidity Transmitter:85%RH;transmitter protection grade:IP68;Water Depth<2m
Power Supply DC8-36V or AC85-264V
Consumption 1.5W

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